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A motor vehicle impact at a speed as slow as five miles per hour creates enough of an impact to cause severe spinal injury or damage. A study from 2006 evaluating the risk of low speed and low impact collisions determined that a crash occurring at a speed of only 5.97 miles per hour resulted in symptoms of strains and headaches. Updated education and research continue to inform doctors and society about just how much damage and influence result from even the most minor accidents and low-impact collisions.

The pain usually serves as the final step after a damaging process initiates within the body days or months earlier. Treatment tends to diminish pain long before an actual solution to the problem takes place. The absence of pain does not serve as a good indication that the underlying problem is gone. Understanding the quality, duration, and cause of pain continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing doctors today. Most people believe that an absence of pain translates into the absence of any physical ailments. Society overlooks the fact that conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, and diabetes kill hundreds of thousands of people every year but initially present in the body with no signs or symptoms of pain or discomfort. Abnormally positioned or moving vertebrae, referred to by Chiropractors as subluxations, mirror conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol because they do not usually cause symptoms until they have been present for an extended period of time.

Motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, playground falls, and birth traumas commonly occur every single day. These small traumas powerfully and directly influence the current and future health of millions of children and adults. Every trauma requires proper evaluation and testing through the expert hands of a Chiropractor to ensure that appropriate treatment returns the body to peak function. Chiropractors educate communities about the major long-term impact of subtle problems that go overlooked. Chiropractors evaluate every adult and child with subjective and objective testing not solely based on the presence or absence of symptoms. Maintaining proper bodily function free from drugs and medications requires care that does not rely solely only on the presence of pain or symptoms.

Nearly every single child and adult experiences multiple forms of physical trauma or collision capable of causing injury or damage to the structure or function of the spine. Spinal problems often turn into major health problems due to the spine’s intimate relationship with the central nervous system and brain. Research continues to prove that even minor fender benders and collision trauma possess enough power to radically alter both the short and long-term health of those involved. Life always encounters figurative and literal bumps in the road. Every infant, child, and adult deserves to experience the health benefits that go hand in hand with regular Chiropractic checks ups and appropriate adjustments. The expertly trained hands of a Chiropractor unlock the power and potential that exists within everybody.


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