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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have pain, tingling, numbness, or burning sensations in your thumb and first three fingers? Do you ever lose your ability to grip, pick things up, or control hand motions that require fine detail? Carpal tunnel syndrome can cost people their jobs, hobbies, peace of mind, and quality of daily living, not to mention hundreds and even thousands of dollars in lost wages.

If you have been diagnosed with CTS or suffer from one or more of those hand symptoms, please call our office to get checked out.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located within the wrist. There are 8 tiny bones in the wrist arranged in a curved, horseshoe shape. Those 8 bones form 3 sides of the carpal tunnel and the 4th side is from the transverse carpal ligament that overlaps the tunnel. There is a large nerve (the median nerve) that runs through the tunnel. There are also 9 tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel.

Due to repetitive movements, this tiny carpal (wrist) bones can lose their healthy alignment causing them to collapse inward, pressing on the median nerve. As a result, the median nerve becomes flattened and pinched leading to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch this video below to understand that there is a better option available to treat and manage your carpal tunnel without drugs or surgery.

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