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Chiropractic – The 2nd largest profession in the world despite destructive Propaganda

All successful professions and movements evolve over time. Dental care used to consist of pulling teeth that were hurting or decaying. No instruction existed about the preventative power of brushing and flossing. No corrective power existed in the form of crowns and fillings. Times changed and science determined that preventative care deterred cavities and decay far better than any reactive treatment. Dentists now instruct children and adults to be proactive in the care of teeth in order to prevent the final consequence of pulling teeth. Dental care evolved from a time when pulling teeth served as a first form of treatment to the modern era where that same solution now exists as a last resort. The majority of dental visits focus on cleaning and prevention rather than addressing pain or problems.

The Chiropractic profession shares a similar story. Chiropractic introduced a drugless solution to a wide array of conditions back in 1895. The utilization of Chiropractic evolved every decade since the formation of the first scientific tenets of the field. The past 30 years witnessed individuals and families alike turning to Chiropractic care as a primary health care provider. Adjustments provide proper brain to body communication through better spinal movement and alignment.

The body utilizes the power of the nervous system to prevent disease rather than simply relying on drugs and medicine to artificially manage health issues. Modern families choose Chiropractic as a proactive approach to wellness whether symptoms are present or not.

The idea of pulling an aching tooth as a first resort seems absurd by today’s standards. The fact that the American Medical Association (AMA) spent eight decades attempting to destroy Chiropractic sounds just as ludicrous. The AMA attacked Chiropractic care by planting seeds of scrutiny in the minds of many potential patients. Medical doctors did not want patients to discover preventative health care that freed people from the shackles of drugs and pharmaceutical solutions. The AMA manufactured lies and false claims against both Chiropractic and the highly educated doctors practicing the profession. The AMA saw such a threat to profits and medical expenditures that the organization actually attempted to destroy the existence of Chiropractic. Common sense dictates that any movement not based on truth and society’s best interest will eventually die on its own. Chiropractic refused to die, instead becoming stronger and with more and more people seeking optimal health care through the restorative power of the body. The AMA resorted to lies and even petty name calling as a means of preventing the growth and success of Chiropractic to such an extent that the United States Supreme Court issued a statement confirming the underhanded decisions of the medical field.

On August 27, 1987, Federal Judge Susan Getzendanner of the U.S. District Court found the American Medical Association (AMA), the American College of Surgeons, and the American College of Radiologists guilty of “conspiring to destroy the profession of Chiropractic.”

The decision proved a victory for Chiropractic, but the profession needed to overcome plenty of damage. People across the country heard negative and derogatory hearsay from uneducated medical professionals who feared a health care option they could not control. Thirty years later finds Chiropractic thriving while striving to reach those who might still misunderstand the power of a properly functioning spine and nervous system when fighting disease and bodily decay. Chiropractors continue to utilize a combination of 120 years of science and results to educate every patient that walks through the door in hopes of a health care solution not tied to drugs and surgery. Chiropractic now represents the second largest health care choice in the world and the largest drug free health provider available to the public. Any movement driven by truth and results can withstand adversity and come out stronger on the other side. Millions of people who benefit from an adjustment’s positive influence on brain function, hormones, and human performance continue to testify to the success and bright future of Chiropractic.

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