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Posture Increases Disability 393%

“Posture affects and moderates every physiological function, from breathing to nervous system function, and despite the considerable evidence that posture affects physiology and function, the significant influence of posture on health is not addressed by most physicians.” – American Journal of Pain Management

Posture influences everything. Posture directly impacts health and influences every aspect of human performance. People with good posture simply experience better overall function.

Research from as recently as 2013 revealed the significance of bad posture. A group of people with the poorest posture showed a 393% higher rate of disability compared to a group of people with good posture. Those people that displayed the poorest posture suffered from nearly a 400% greater chance of losing the ability to perform one or more daily living activities.

Primary long-term health goals always involve maintaining independence and high quality of life. Surveys consistently report that the ability to live independently rates as one of the most important priorities of the aging population. Posture plays a significant role for both genders in determining the quality of life as the body ages.

Posture serves as an exterior window to the spine. Chiropractors influence posture on a daily basis by addressing abnormal spinal health that produces poor posture. Chiropractors restore balance in the central nervous system. Every adjustment reduces stress in the communication system connecting the brain to the body. Regular adjustments reduce posture deviations and promote health restoration.

Posture problems play a much larger role in human health than through outward appearance. Mothers who demand that children sit up straight may simply take issue with slouching but technically provide instruction bearing incredible significance. People of all ages spend massive amounts of time sitting at work or home. Smartphones and computers used for leisure time further promote poor posture. Chiropractors insist on increased awareness and concern involving an issue powerful enough to increase the chance of disability by nearly 400%.

The American Journal of Pain Management plainly states that posture plays an immeasurable role in every aspect of optimal nervous system health. The AJPM further determines that medical professionals either do not address or do not fully understand just how large of a role proper posture plays in the function of the human body. Chiropractors not only educate society on the importance of postural health but also directly influence posture deviations by improving spine and nervous system health. Implementing regular Chiropractic adjustments plays a vital role in improving quality of life while reducing the risk of becoming disabled. Better health begins with a better understanding of how to properly care for the spine and nervous system.

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“Spinal posture in the sagittal plane is associated with future dependence in activities of daily living: a community-based cohort study of older adults in Japan.” Kamitani K, Michikawa T, Iwasawa S, Eto N, Tanaka T, Takebayashi T, Nishiwaki Y


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